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CVSan is issuing sections of its draft Request for Proposals for a new Municipal Solid Waste Collection Agreement (2019-2029) for public comment.  Please note that this is a draft and is subject to change.


These are the sections selected:

From Section 1: Introduction 
1.1 CVSan’s Goals and Objectives


From Section 2: Background

2.1 Description of Current Services       

2.2 Demographic Information      

2.3 Current Tonnage and Account Data 

2.4 Historical Operating Information      

2.5 Current Diversion Information          

2.6 Billing Process        

2.7 Current Rates and Rate Revenues     

2.8 Construction and Demolition Debris   

2.9 Existing Cart Inventory          


From Section 3: Requested Franchise Services and Policies 

3.1 Scope of Services for Base Proposals           

3.2 Scope of Services for Alternative Proposals 

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Please provide public comment by August 18, 2017.

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